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25 сочинений на английском (реферат)

My Day Off.

Most people in our contry work five days a week

but students and pupils work six days. They have only

one day off. It is Sunday.

I like this day very much. On this day I wake

up later than usual. As soon as I get up I air the,

make my bad and do morning exercises. Then I

have breakfast. Two more hours for getting ready

with my homework and I am free.

I meet my friends and we discuss our plans

together. We may go to the cinema or theatre, to

museums and parks.

In fine weather we also like to be out of town.

We find a nice place somewhere in the forest or on the bank of the river.

We lie in the sun, play different games and swim. In

winter my friends and I often go to the skating-ring.

When the weather is bad my friends come to my

place. We listen to music or go to the cinema.

In the evening all the members of our family

get together. We have our supper, watch TV or read

books. I enjoy my days off very much.

My Duties about the house.

My name is ...... I am 17 years old. I have

already finished my school. There are four people in

my family: my mother, my father, my brother and

myself. We have a two-room flat. There is alvays

much work in the house. There is alvays much work in

the garden near the summer-cottage. My duties about

the house are to clean the rooms, to wash the dishes

after meals, to do shopping. Sometimes I help my

mother to bake cakes and pies, to lay the table for

meals. I usually help my sister to do lessons. In

the spring and in the autumn I often help my parents

in the garden. I looke after the flowers and

vegetables. I enjoy helping my parents.

English Speaking Countries.

Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and New

Zealand are English speaking countries. They are

situated in different parts of the world and differ

in many ways.

The nature of these countries, their weather

and climate and way of life of their people differ.

Each coutry has it's own history customs, traditions,

its own national holidays. But they all have a common

language. English, the language of the people who

left England to make their names in new countries.

The United Kindom of Great Britain and North

Ireland consist of 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales,

Northen Ireland. The British Isles are group of islands

lying off the noth-west coast of the continent of

Europe. There are no high mountains, no very long

river, no great forest in U.K. The population of the

U.K. is almost fifty-six million. Great Britain is

a capitalists country.

The USA is situated in the central part of the

North American continent. The population of the USA

is more then 236 million people. The USA is a highly

develoed industrial country. In the USA there are

two main political parties, the Democratic Party

and the Republican Party.

Canada has area of nearly 10 million square

kilometres. It's westen coast is washed by the

Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast by the Atlantic

Ocean. The population of Canada is over 26 million

people. Canada is a capitalist federal state and a

member of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of Australia territories are

the continent of Australia, the island of Tasmania

and number of smaller islands. Australia has an

area of nearly eight million square kilometres.

The population of Australia is over sixteen million

people. The Commonwealth of Australia is a capitalist

self- governing federal state.

New Zealand is situated south-east of Australia.

The country consists of the large islands called North

Island, South Island and Stewart Island and also

many small islands. The population of New Zealand is

over three million people. New Zealand is a capitalist

self-governing state and a meember of the Commonwealth.

Famous People of Great Britain.

Ch. Darvin, a great English naturalist,

developed the idea of evolution of all living things

from simpler creatures. He wrote two most famous

books "The Origin of Species" and "The Descent of

Man". Ch.Darvin is buried in westminster Abbey,

among the greatest English scientists.

Isaac Newton, one of the greatest men in the

history of science was born in England in 1642. He

may be considered the founder of modern mathematics,

physics and spectrography. He discovered the low of

motion and the universal Law of gravitation. Sir

Isaac Newton lies buried in Westminster Abbey.

Humphry Davy is one of the greatest English

chemists. One of his inventions is the miners safety

lamp, known as the Davy Lamp.

Michael Faraday is an English chemist and

physicist. He was the discoverer of electromagnetic

induction, of the law of relations between light and

magnetism. He was the greatest experimental genious.


The official name of this country is the United Kingdom

of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is divided into

four parts: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

The British Isles are group of islands lying off the north

-west coast of the continent of Europe. England, Wales and

Scotland are in Great Britain, Northern Ireland is situated

in the north-easten part of Ireland. There are no high

mountains, no very long rivers,no great forest in U.K. The

climate of the British Isles is not very cold in winter and

never hot in summer. The population of the U.K. is almost

fifty six million. Britain is an industrial country.

A lot of things such as clothes, food, planes, cars and many

others are made in U.K. In the U.K. there are a lot of

cattle-farms. The U.K. is a parlamentary

manarchy. Great Britain is a capitalist country.

Kastus Kalinovsky the Fighter for Independence of Belarus.

K.Kalinovsky was born in 1838 on the 21-st of January not far

from Grodno in Belarus. His parents were not rich. There were 18

children in the family. Kalinovsky's mother Veronica Rybinskaya

died early and the elder brother, Victor, a student of Moscow

University, took care of Kastus. In 1855 Kastus graduated from a

secondary school in Svisloch and entered Moscow University. But

in 1856 he changed his mind and became a student of St.Petersburg

University. There Kalinovsky met Russian democrats Belynsky,

Chernyshevsky, Dobrolubov. He shared their ideas and followed

them. In 1861 K.Kalinovsky came back to Belarus. He took an

active part in organizing the uprising of 1863 in Belarus and

Lithuania. But the tsarist army dispersed the uprising. In 1864

Kastus Kalinovsky was arrested and hanged as the learder of the

uprising. He fought for national independence of Byelorussian

people, the development of national culture and education. His

name became a symbol of action and struggle for the rights of

oppressed people in Belarus and Lithuania.


London is the capital of Great Britain, its political,

economic and cultural centre. It is situated on the both

banks of the Thames. London is one of the largest cities

in the world. It's population is more than 9 million

people. London was founded more then twenty centuries ago.

The East End includes the poorer districts, the

industrial center, the port, the London docks. The

streets here are narrow and dirty, the houses are poor.

Working class families live here. London is famous for

its wonderful places of interest such as the British

Museum, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and many


My Biography.

I suppose that the first thing I must tell you is my name. I'm

Andrei Kiporuk. I was born on the 8th of August 1980 in Minsk.

Now I'm 15 years old. (This) In a Year I am Finishing school N88.

I've been studying here during 9(11) years. I studied not so well

at school. My favourite subject is Mathematic. And after

finishing school I want to enter the University. I'm going to

became a programmer. As for my hobbies I'm found of listening to

modern music and I spend my all free time at my computer not only

playing but programming on it.

Outstang People of our Country.

I'm proud of living in Byelorussia which has always been famous

for its people ДД industrious, kind, hospitable and friendly.

Byelorussia has given the world many famous people in all fields

of life. But I think the most outstanding figure of Byelorussia

is Frantsisk Skorina. He is the founder of byelorussian and

Slavonic book-printing, a scientist, a writer, a translator, a

doctor of phylosophy and medicine, a humorist. He influenced the

development of many branches of Byelorussian culture.

The ideas of humanism and patriotism of the Renaissance began

penetrating into Belarus and it was Frantsisk Skorina who

introduced them in Byelorussia.

The great son of the Byelorussian people, Frantsisk Skorina was

born in the family of a merchant in Polotsk in about 1490. He got

his primary education in Polotsk, and then learned phylosophy at

the Krakow University. In 1517 Scorina went to Prague where he

started translating and printing the Bible. He published 20


His genius can be compared with that Leonardo do Vinchi, Rafael,

Michaeclangelo, Thomas Moor. By the UNESCO desision his name is

included in the list of the most prominent scientists of Slovonic


Protection of Environment.

With the development of civilization man's

interference in nature grows up. It leads to different

negative factors are: the pollution of water, air,

soil and the destruction of the ozone layer.

This problem must be solved if we want to

preserve life on our planet. This problem is global

problem that's why all countries of the world, all

people, young and old, must take an active part in

the protection of natural resources rationly.

Factoriyes and plants must have purification systems

to preserve the purity of water, air and soil.

We must take care of plants, trees, animals,

birds and fishes, especially of those that are dying


We also have a Red Book where rare and dying

out plants, birds, animals are registered. Though the role

of people in the solution of

ecological problems has greatly increased, we

can't say that we are doing all in our power, to

stop harmful processes in preserving the


The folowing radical measures must be taken:

1. The replanting of trees that have been cut


2. Nuclear tests should be stopped;

3. Purificution systems must be installed at

plants and factories;

4. Natural resources should be used more


5.Rare and dying out birds, animals and plant's

should be protected;

6.Precaution measures should be taken against

the destruction of the ozone layer.

My favorit season.

There are four seasons in the year. There are winter, spring,

summer and autumn. My favorit season is summer, because I was

born in summer. It is warm and sometimes hot. There are many

fruits, berries and vegatables. In summer I can spend my time on

the beach of lakes and rivers. I swim in lakes and rivers. I can

drive my bicycle and our car. We go to the forest for looking for

berries and mushrooms. We go to Slonim for a month. My

grandmother and grandfather live there. My sister and I help them

in the garden. And of course I like Summer very much because

there is the longest holiday in summer.

Sightseenings of London.

The Tower of London is the most famous of all

the historical buildings in London. It stands today

almost unchanged since first it was built in the 11th

centure. In the past the Tower of London served both

as a palace and as a state prison, but it is only a

museum today.

St Paul's Cathedral is the greatest work of

England's greatest architector Christopher Wren. The

cathedral was begun in 1675 . It was opened in 1697

but was finished only in 1710, when Wren was almost

eighy years old. There are memorials to many famous

men of England in the Cathedral.

Trafalgar Square is in the centre of the West End

of London. On the north side is the National Gallery;

in the north-east corner is the National Portrait

Gallery, and in the centre is Nelson's Column with

the figure of the great seamen.

Trafalgar Square is the place where mass meetings

and demonstrations for peace and for working people's

rights take place.

"Big Ben" is the name of the great bell which

strikes the hour. It is in the clock Tower of the

Houses of Parlament.

Westminster Abbey is the historic building in

London to which every visitor sooner or later goes.

The Abbey was founded in the 11th centure. Many of

Great Britain's famous men are buried in Westminster


Piccadilli Circus is a square in the central part

of London. London's best-known theatres and cinemas and

most famous restaurants are on Piccadilly Circus. In

the square you can see people of many nationalities

and hear a lot of different languages.

Hyde Park is the largest park in the West End of

London. In the 19th century it became a popular place

for public meetings.

The British Museum is one of the largest museums

in the world. It consists of the National Library and

Museum of History, Archaelogy, Art and Ethnography.


Sport holds an important place in our life. When we listen to

the radio in the morning, we can always hear sport news. When we

open a newspaper, we can always find information about some game

or other or an article about our favourite kind of sports.

Television programmes about sport are also very popular, and we

can watch something interesting every day.

Sport helps people to keep in good health. Sport also makes us

more organized in our daily activities.

National game and sports competitions are popular in our

country. People go in for many kinds of sports. There are sports

grounds near every school, every institute, every factory and

plant. Besides there are sports clubs and sport school in every

town. Many people go there for training.

As to me I go in for table-tennis. I like this kind of sport. My

friend likes table-tennis too. We often play it both. There are

many sport teams at school. They are a football team, a

voley-ball team, a basket-ball team, a table-tennis team.

1. Does sport hold an inportant place in our life?

2. What can we always hear, when we listen to the radio?

3. What can we alway find, when we open a newspaper?

4. Are television programmes about sports also very popular?

5. Does sport help people to keep in good health?

6. Does sport also make us more organized in our daily activities?

7. Are National game and sports competitions popular in our


8. Who go in for many kinds of sports?

9. Are there sports grounds near every school, every institute,

every factory and plants?

10. Are there sports clubs and sports school in every town?

11. Do many people go there the training?

12. What kind of sports do i go in for?

13. I like this kind of sport, don't I?

14. Does my friend like table-tennis too?

15. How do we often play it?

16. Are there many sport teams at school?

17. What teams are at school?


Modern life is impossible without travelling.

Thousands of people travel every day either on

bussines or for pleasure. They can travel by air,

by rail, by see or by road.

Travelling by air is the fastest and the most

convinient way, but it is the most expensive too. To

my mind travelling by train is more interesting. You

can see interesting places of the country you are

travellin throught. Modern trains have very comfortable

seats. There are also sleeping carriages and a dining-

carrige which make even the longest journey enjoyable.

Travelling by sea is very popular. On board of ship you

can enjoy your trip. There are tennis and badminton

grounds, a swimming-pool, a sinema and a dancing hall

there. Some people prefer travelling by car. If you

heve your own car you may go to the Black Sea, where

there are a lot of rest-houses, sanatoriums and tourist

camps. In the daytime you can have a nice opportunity

to play voleyball, swim in the warm water of the sea

and sunbathe. In the evening you like to sit on the

beach watching the sea and enjoying the sunset.

As for me I'm a hiker. I like to go on a hike

to the mountins or to the forest. You go agree with

me that it is pleasant to gather mushrooms and berries

in the forest, swim in the river, make a fire and

prepare meals on it. On my week-end I take a tent, a

rucksack and go to railway station take the train.

In an hour I find myself out of noisy city. The air

is fresh, birds sing their merry songs. To make my

long story short I'd like to say that travelling

is one of my hobbies. Travelling helps me to see

to coutry-side better, to know about customs and

traditions of the Republic, to meet people and make

friends with them.



The USA is situated in the central part of the North American

continent. Its western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and

its eastern coast by the Atlantic Ocean.

The hiland regions are the Appalachian Mountains in the east,

and the Cordillera in the west. The main rivers of the USA are

the Mississippi, Saint Lawrence River and Hudson River. The USA

is a very large country, so it has several different climatic



The population of the USA is more then 236 million people. Most

of the people live in towns. The largest cities are New York,

Boston, Chicago, Philadelhia, Detroit, San Francisco. The capital

of the USA is Washington. Its a very small town.


The USA is a highly developed industrial ountry, and its

agriculture is highly mechanized. The state of Illinois is

especially rich incoal. Iron is mined near Great Lakes and in

other areas. The USA has rich oilfields in California, Texas,

Alaska and other. The heavy industries are for the most part in

the Middle West, around Detroit and Chicago, and other.

Ship-building is developed in San Francisco and Seatle. The

machine-builing is highly developed especially in Detroit.


The USA is Federal republic consisting of fifty states,each of

which has its own government. The president is head of the state

and the government and chooses the ministers. Congress consists

of two houses, the House of Representatives and Senate. In the

USA there are two main political parties, the Democratic Party

and The Republican Party. The communist Party of the USA is a

party of action, a party working for socialism.

My Working Day.

I am Andrew Kiporuk. I am a puple of the 10th form. I get ut ap

7 o'clock. I wash myself and dress.I make a bed. My friend come

to me at half past 7 and we go to the school. At school I have 7

lessons. I come back home at 3 o'clock. I have dinner. Then I

walk with my dog. Then Help my mother at home. Sometime go for

shopping, pour the flowers. I begin to do my homework at 5

o'clock. I watch TV very seldom, because I have many home task.

Sometime I sit at my computer. Sometime Andrey Saynov comes to

me. We talk about our school business. He studied in colledge. I

listen to the music very often. I have supper at 7 o'clock. After

8 o'clock my brothers come to me. And we play on the computer. At

10 o'clock I go to bed.


There were numerous different youth organizations in Britain. Some

were large, and some small, some nation-wide and some local. Probably

the largest were the Boy Scouts and Girls Guides Associations and the

YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), and the YWCA (Young Women's

Christian Association) or simply "y" for short. The Boy Scouts and the

Girls Guides were for scool-age teen-agers and the YMCA and the YWCA

were for scool-leavers, college students and young people who had

already started working Boy Scouts and Girls Guides had to do one good

deed every day, to develop themselves mentally and physically. In

summer they went camping in tents with everything done by young people

themselves. At the YMCA and the YWCA more attention was paid for sport

and different social events, such as outing in the country, dances,

debates, amateur activities, etc.

These organizations were founded in the nineteenth century.

Officialy they were non-political, but in reality they aimed not to

let young people think about social and political problems in their

country, to bring them up in the spirit of nationalizm. Boy Scouts and

Girs Guides, for example, promised to be true to the king (queen) and

had to salute the British flag at their meetings.

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